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Anal Colon Snake 40 inches | 1meter long

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Anal Colon Snake 40 inches | 1meter long

  1. Expertly constructed super long anal plug, boasts a whopping 40 inches of insertable length
  2. Perfect for tracking progress during deviant depth training
  3.  Body safe from finest quality, liquid  silicone
  4. Compatible with silicone & water-based lubricants

The Anal Colon Snake slides inside the sphincter, promising an extremely deviantly deep and meaningful experience! Boasting a whopping 40  inches of length, it’s sure to have you feeling full to the ‘rim’ in no time! Complete with a flared base for safety, do you think you have the guts to swallow this kinky colon snake whole?!

Boasting perfect pliability, it follows the natural shape of the body for customized stimulation and is compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants. Body safe, non-toxic and phthalates free, this butt boa not only looks and feels sublime, it is a completely harmless breed of snake!

Diameter: 1.1 inches / 28 mm



Oxy is not responsible for damages to your intestine. Please review instruction below before using this product. 

*The human rectum is only about 5-7 inches in length, and there is a sharp turn between the rectum and the large intestine. With a soft dildo like the anal colon,it is indeed possible to insert up in your ass. Damage can occur in the large intestine, just as it can in the rectum, but the likelihood of you noticing it is very low. This is not a good thing. An unattended tear in your large intestine would cause your lower abdomen to become septic (have sh*t in it), which causes infections and gruesome illness.

If you're dead set on seeing if you can get the whole thing in though, here are some helpful tips for you:

1.) Use an enema. Make sure you lay down or get your ass above your belly. This is to clean out all the potential blockage in your lower intestine and rectum.

2.) Use a SOFT dildo. No glass, no plastic, preferably silicone or rubber. Make sure you're not allergic to the material the dildo is made of before you insert it. Make sure it has no jagged edges, or anything that "scrapes". This dildo should be no wider than an inch and a half because of the narrow turn it has to make.

3.) LUBE! Lubrication is key. Your anus may secrete a mild mucus that acts as a natural lubricant, but the glands that produce that mucus aren't present in your intestine or rectum, so having the dildo all slippery isn't just a bonus, it's a safety precaution.

4.) When you get to the 5-7 inches that you consider your maximum, rotate the dildo. Try laying down on your side. If one side doesn't work, try flipping over to the other side. You need to maneuver the head of the dildo around that sharp turn I mentioned earlier. You can push at this point, but don't shove. The wall of your rectum is chalk full of blood vessels, and you'll probably end up with some blood if you're too rough with yourself.

5.) Once you're around the curve, slowly insert. Your intestine is actually in a zig-zag pattern, and to some extent you are straightening it out. Just because you've gotten it in farther than ever before doesn't mean you shouldn't stop if it just doesn't want to go in any further. If your body says stop, STOP.

6.) If you've gotten this far, you're probably enjoying a nice "full" feeling. Don't move around a lot. You can stand up, but don't do anything crazy. Don't do a pumping action like you normally can with a penis sized dildo, the friction around the curve could cause a hemorrhage (tear). This is a dangerous form of masturbation, and I'm not a doctor, but I don't think you could get one to recommend it. Be careful. When you're done, remove it slowly kind of like you're pooping the cleanest poop of your life.

Sources: Exploring my own body, human anatomy course at KU, and plain common sense (which points to not doing this at all).



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