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Anal Extreme Hollow Spreader

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Extreme Hollow Anal spreader

Looking for a new way to test your or someone's else anus' abilities? 

By inserting the device petals and spreading them, the Ass-blossoming can begin! Get access to a widely spread hole - for your own pleasure. 

Dare to peer through the Anal Hollow Spreader and discover a new pleasure zone. Use lube as Alloy works well with any sex lubricant available. A few drops of lube will be enough to make it slick. So stick it up to your partner's butt and slowly spread his or her ass. Once in, let your imagination take you to greater heights of bliss. 

Regardless of how you want to use it, it will surely spice up your game.


Outside diameter 4.48''/ 114 mm
Inner diameter 3.85'' / 98 mm
Height of hollow spreader 2.55'' / 65 mm
Maximum expand 3.50'' / 89 mm

Hollow Hole diameter 0.78" / 20 mm

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Anal hollow spreader