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Anal Hook - 2 (Big and Medium) Balls

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Anal hook - 2 (Big and Medium) Balls - Versatile hook by OXY

This Stainless steel Anal Hook with a changeable ball - Versatile hook is a very favorite type of anal hook. The reason for this is the versatility that this hook offers. If you or your partner are one of those that don't like large objects then you will love this anal hook.

This anal hook is even suitable for beginners, however, you have people that barely feel that 1.5″ ball and are searching for something bigger, a 2" ball. The simplest solution for them is to buy an additional stainless ball that can be easily replaced with a smaller ball. This way you actually have 2 anal hooks in one.


Smaller ball diameter:1.5 inch/38 mm

Bigger ball diameter:1.97 inch/50 mm 

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