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Anal Expansion Sex toys Bundle

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Best Anal Sex Toys Set

Are you ready to Expand Anal horizons? This 4 item butt plug set is perfect to start things off with the smallest anal plug toys and work your way up to the Anal spreader. If you are brave enough to discover all the possible pleasures of BDSM Anal Play, this set will provide you with the training you need in order to reach new sexual dimensions.

Anal Sex Toys Set

Imagine this:

You are in the hotel room, your partner enters the room with black unsuspicious looking case. You are seated down while partner opens the case and slowly introduces you to all the toys in this set. Starting off with small "Warm up" Anal plug set in order to get you anus ready for a night. Next toy is a classic Anal hook which you've been introduced to previously. While penetrating you with a Locking Butt Plug, Partner whispers:

"The key to being able to perform anal is consistency, practice, and slowly increasing the size of objects used to penetrate your ass."  

After hours of play time, when you finally think it is all over, HERE comes the most exciting part. Anal Spreader is not a toy for beginners and it is there to stretch you out the right way. Feel your Anus slowly spreading as your partner turns each butterfly bolt slowly opening your insides. 

Set includes:

1x Locking Butt Plug / / Stainless Steel 316L 
1 x Anal Spreader / Alloy material 
1x Anal hook / Stainless Steel 316L 
1x Joyful Bunch- Anal plug set

Dimension of the case:

Length x Width: 230mm x 230mm / 9 inch x 9 inch 

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Anal Toys Set