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Aneros Design - Prostate Massager

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G spot stimulator - Aneros Design - Prostate Massager 

The title says it all... Aneros Design prostate massager that will bring you to unimaginable experiences. Main purpose is to stimulate the prostate gland. Short plugs like this one are going to allow stimulation of G spot and take to climax to whole another level of sensations.

Carefully and specifically designed Aneros Design - Prostate Massager - G spot stimulator with a crook allows massage of the sensitive areas. Be aware, this item is not made just to orgasm and continue with their day. We recommend taking at least few hours in order to completely get familiar with this fantastic prostate massager. Put time in it and benefit later on, trust us.

If you are going to enjoy prostate massager on your own we recommend to lie on side while trying to bring the top knee closest you can to your chest. Thicker arm of Aneros should be pointing towards penis and curly thin one should be pointing towards the back and try inserting it slowly.

Another friendly reminder is to not to rush or force anything. As we all know, Anal play and a lot of lubricant are perfect match. If there is any pain, try to relax at the end you will be satisfied that you kept going.


Length from the base: 3.14" / 80 mm

Widest point of Aneros: 1" / 25 mm

Length of "Arms": 4.33" / 110 mm


✔️"G-spot Stimulator Detailed Instructions"