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Apple Air tag collar for Submissive

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Bound by Connection: The Apple AirTag Collar

Track the location of your sub from your phone - Air tags not provided

Product Features:

🌟 Unprecedented Control: Take charge of your submissive's movements like never before. Our Apple AirTag Collar allows you to track their location in real-time directly from your smartphone. Keep them in check, even when they're out of sight.

🔐 Secure and Discreet: Crafted with the utmost care, this collar combines comfort and security. It's designed to be comfortable for extended wear, ensuring your submissive's safety while maintaining discretion in public or private settings.

📍 Real-Time GPS Tracking: The collar seamlessly integrates with your Apple AirTag (not included), utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology. You'll receive precise location updates, allowing you to set boundaries and play within them confidently.

🖤 Versatile Design: The sleek and stylish design ensures that your submissive feels both comfortable and fashionable while wearing the collar. It's an accessory that blends seamlessly into your BDSM wardrobe.

📱 User-Friendly App: Track your submissive with ease using the user-friendly app, compatible with iOS devices. Stay connected and in control with just a few taps on your smartphone screen.

Transform your BDSM dynamics with the Apple AirTag Collar for Submissive. Take your power exchange to new heights, knowing you have the ability to track and guide your submissive's every move with precision, safety, and respect.

Please note that Apple AirTags are not provided with the collar. Prioritize consent, and explore your desires confidently with this innovative BDSM accessory. Experience the ultimate fusion of technology and intimacy.

Apple Air tag collar for Submissive comes in three sizes:

S Total Length 15.8 inches/40 cm; Min - Max perimeter: 10.4 inches/26.5 cm -  14.2 inches/36 cm

M Total Length 19.7 inches/50 cm ; Min - Max perimeter: 12.2 inches/31.0 cm -  17.7 inches/45 cm

L: Total Length 23.6 inches/60 cm ; Min - Max perimeter: 16.3 inches/41.5 cm -  21.7 inches/55 cm

Apple Air tag collar for Submissive