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Back Arm Enslavement Restraint - ''Seal the deal''

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 ''Seal the deal'' - Enslavement Restraint BDSM play

"Seal the deal" restraints device is an adjustable & beautiful bondage play. We let you imagine how you want to be used, or use you sub while she/he can't move anymore.

The main collar is to put around the neck, while the two smaller cuffs are for arms - sealed behind the back. 

This vegan-friendly system is perfect for beginners and bondage enthusiasts alike

Material: PU Leather



Mary had just signed her slave contract moments before and was now enjoying the feeling of the soft leather collar being pulled tight around her throat as her hands were pulled behind her back and fastened to the attached cuffs.  Once secured she was told to kneel in front of her new Master. “I like to test out my new Slaves oral abilities immediately after signing the contract to see how much work I have ahead of me,” he said as he pulled out his cock. He moved in front of her and she immediately started to lick and suck on his cock and balls as soon as they were within reach. 

She ran her tongue up and down his shaft lubing it up before taking it into her mouth and sinking it clear to the back of her throat. Mary had always prided herself on her deep throating ability and it appeared her Master was pleased so far. She balanced herself by pushing her hands away from her back as she leaned forward and could feel the constant pressure on her collar as the lead was pulled tight.  She worked her Masters cock in and out of the back of her throat and soon had him close to cumming. Just as she felt his cock start to stiffen and twitch in preparation for cumming he quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his load all over her perky C-cup breasts. He smiled as he watched his cum slowly drip down her chest and onto her toned tummy. “Yes, this one will work out nicely,” he said to no one in particular.      


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