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Ball Busting bundle set

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Do you think that you have what it takes to endure one of the most vicious and erotically painful ballbusting gears around? You’ll buckle under the pressure as your testicles are smashed to bits - (In your limits of course)!

Mistress Elena: “I’m going to start by blindfolding you, and then I will slide your cock inside the pole crusher from which you cannot escape. As you are crushed to shreds, I will slap your balls with the bongers hammers until you beg for mercy. If you think you know what suffering is now, wait until I get my favorite toy out of the Ball busting OXY set...” 

This bundle includes all necessary sex toys to have a safe ballbusting experience, alone or with a partner, all of this wrapped in a nice discounted box.

It includes:
1 x  Bonger - Usually used for percussive massaging purposes, those are great fun when trunked into a pair of nuts - One ball at a time if you or your partner are precise enough.

1 x Two in one Pole Ball crusher. The pole Crusher will squeeze your Subs balls just the way they deserve it. Lock that sack in the device and twist the screws to raise the hard, unyielding pole - leaving the balls exposed for some extra sensation.
BONUS: Use the ball squeezer separately, as a ball stretcher. The 200gr heavy ring can be attached to the penis for daily stretching, without the pole.

1 x Acrylic ball crusher. A favorite of ball busting aficionados anda ton of fun for the buster and the buster, and still allow for pleasurable stimulation during crushing which, of course, brings busting sessions to the next level.

1 x Wartenberg Pinwheel with 5 rows. Why 5 rows for your balls? Because we tried it! The skin of the balls is softer and 5 rows of pins apply pressure evenly, thus providing an exhilarating sensation without damage to the skin.

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