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Cellmate 2nd Generation CAG.INK - by QIUI

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Let us introduce an innovative and groundbreaking Bluetooth chastity cage called the CAGINK Cellmate 2.0. It is the world's first app-controlled device of its kind, allowing users to remotely control the cage from anywhere at any time. Imagine the excitement and convenience of being able to manage the chastity cage through a mobile application. Experience the newfound freedom and control it provides.

The QIUI Cellmate Chastity Device or newly called "LocKink Cage-Ink powered by Qiui" is placed onto the sub and then synced up with the CellMate app in order to give the Dom total control, from anywhere in the world, Until the device is unlocked.

Special Note! You will receive a New rebranded version CAG.INK.


  • Chargeable -Fast charging while wearing the device.
  • Electro shocks -Includes an electro shocks function within the device activated via app
  • Adjusting ring gapfor an universal fit.  55mm ring diameter with locking gaps.
  • Self locking functionwithout connecting to the APP
  • Lightweight and ergonomic -Made of Polycarbonate with neoprene finish. 2x lighter
  • "Hardcore" Play mode -A new function which logs you out of the app with no control over your device


* Worldwide control via app with a keyless locking system

* Master controls unlocking single or multiple devices

* Waterproof IPX6- Resist showers

* Single player self-locking mode

* Real time geo location and status

* Electro Play -100% New

* Fast charging - Finally possibility to charge.

* Ergonomic and breathable design

CAG.INK Chastity device


With the Cell mate Chastity Device it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing. With this chastity cage, you as the key master have the power to decide if your submissive is allowed to be unlocked from his chastity. Even if your submissive is in another time zone! In combination with the app for Android and iOS you can simply set up your account and link the CELLMATE 2 to your user ID.

The app works on both Android and iOS devices, and allows you to keep a log of your progress. You can view the status, location and battery level in the app, so you can keep on top of your progress and submit in the best way! 

With a self-locking mode, you don't need a keyholder to enjoy this chastity cage! It will control the duration for you.


Every account has a unique user ID. When your first Cellmate is paired to your account the first message you see is if you want to be a wearer or a keymaster. The keymaster decides when the cellmate unlocks. You have the ability to change your account setting to wearer or keymaster at any time with the approval of the keymaster.


It is now possible to charge the device without removing it. Just plug it an

With long term wear in mind, it's been designed to be practical, breathable, comfortable and ergonomic to remain as inconspicuous as possible.

Showerproof and hygienic, it's easy to clean, easy to wear, and easy to get locked into!



Fancy sending electroshocks to the cage wearer in order to remind who is in charge? It is now possible!

Control electro stimulation with a simple button on your phone. Possibility to time the shocks and choose the modes.

The shock feature is, light shocks corresponding to the device battery.


The ring 55mm is unremovable for a more secure experience and an easier fit.

The gap is now adjustable to your liking thanks to 6 different positions. the 2nd generation has an improved comfort and better fit for anyone.


What's inside the package?

-Cage body (the device itself)

-Charging cable

-Charging adapter

-User manual


-Cage body: Polycarbonate with neoprene surface finishing

-Secure rings: Metal

App supported: IOS and android

Short model:

Total Length: 4.3 inch/110 mm ; Insertable length: 2.55 inch/65mm ; Total width: 1.37 inch/35 mm

Long Model:

Total length: 5.11 inch/130 mm ; Insertable length: 3.75 inch/ 95mm ; Total width: 1.45 inch/37 mm

Penis hole gap of 9mm


 The Cellmate 2 comes in a sleek combination of Black and Gray colors. The package includes essential items such as an Adjustable Ring, Chastity Cage, Charging Cable, and a Replaceable CR14200 Battery with an impressive 8-10 month lifespan. The cage dimensions vary depending on the size chosen, with the small cage measuring at a length of 3.9" and a width of 1.46", while the larger option measures 4.7" in length and 1.46" in width. Designed with a waterproof rating of IPX6, this device ensures durability even in wet conditions. In terms of weight, the small cage weighs 60g, while the larger one weighs 80g, making it lightweight and comfortable for extended wear.


Questions about QIUI app: 

1. What role does the QIUI app play in managing the chastity function of the Cellmate 2 device?

The QIUI app plays a crucial role in managing the chastity function of the Cellmate 2 device by allowing users to set timers that control when the chastity cage opens, effectively regulating the wearer's access to release.

2. How does the Cellmate 2 prevent early release for the wearer by utilizing the timer function on the app?

The Cellmate 2 prevents early release for the wearer by utilizing the timer function on the QIUI app, ensuring that the cage remains locked until the set time expires, regardless of the wearer's willpower.

3. What feature of the Cellmate 2 ensures that the wearer remains under control even without a keyholder or mistress?

The Cellmate 2 ensures that the wearer remains under control even without a keyholder or mistress by allowing users to set a timer on the QIUI app, preventing early release until the time set is complete.

4. How can users set a timer on the QIUI app to control the opening of the Cellmate 2 chastity cage?

Users can set a timer on the QIUI app to control the opening of the Cellmate 2 chastity cage, ensuring that the cage won't open until the designated time is up.

Questions about Cellmate usability: 

1. What are the specific features related to user experience and comfort?

The cage is designed for comfort and convenience, with the ability to wear it anywhere and charge it wirelessly, enhancing the overall user experience.

2. What are the charging options and waterproofing level of the cellmate?

The device features full waterproofing, allowing users to wear it in various conditions, and wireless charging for convenient charging anywhere.

3. Is there a solo play mode available?

Users can use timer mode for solo play, enabling them to interact with the device independently for personal enjoyment.

4. Does the cellmate device offer shock functionality and scheduling options?

The cage can give shocks whenever Mistress wants or on a schedule, providing users with electro shock features and control over scheduling.

5. Can the cellmate device be controlled remotely?

Yes, Mistress can lock the user up wherever she is using the QIUI app, allowing for remote control capabilities.

Cellmate delivery & Shipping: 

Shipping for the Cellmate 2 product is handled with utmost privacy and discretion in mind. The package is designed to be discreet with no markings that could identify its contents. Cellmate 2, along with all products featuring an express shipping banner, is shipped directly from the US warehouse. Packages will typically be shipped within 2-4 days for delivery to the continental US. While orders can be shipped worldwide, international shipping may require more time due to varying shipping regulations.

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