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CH18 - Crown of Thorns

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Crown of Thorns Chastity device

You might have thought that you've seen it all. Be aware that wearing chastity device is not the worst thing you've tried...yet.

Crown of Thorns Chastity will teach the lesson, even the most naughtiest Subs out there. Perfect choice for dominant partners who want to keep your penis on a lock but still would like to explore a bit 😉

Once Dom takes this item out of the BDSM toy box you know to tease and denial await. Get ready!

Inside Diameter of the bottom ring with lock : 1.57 inch/40 mm - 1.77 inch/45 mm - 1.97 inch/50 mm

The Thorns themselves have an inner diameter of about 24-25 mm / 0.94-0.98 inch

Internal width : 1.37 inch/35 mm

Anti Slip ring available: 1.3 inch/33 mm - 1.38 inch/35 mm - 1.57 inch/ 40 mm

Material: High-Quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel 316 L, no chrome plating, no rust guaranteed.

To ensure proper fit, measure the width of your cock (take that measure at the base). Once you know your diameter, you can choose the size that will fit you the most, by its size and comfort.

Included: 1 Penis cage, 1 Padlock, 1 set of keys, 1 velvet carry bag + Optional Anti Slip Ring

Chastity Device Warranty

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