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Chastity Device Key Container - Emergency key lock

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Emergency key lock - Chastity device key container 

This is a secure safe to store an emergency key to Your Chastity Cage. Also ideal for self chastity play or remote key holding services. Be safe and always keep a key with you if you need to unlock your device.

To access the key the wearer needs to break the numbered security tag to open the box.

Chastity device key container - Emergency key lock is a beautiful way to safely carry your key in case of emergency. If an emergency occurs, there is no time to contact your Key holder for a code!. You can show "Proof of Chastity by presenting your case if your key holder is local or show a picture of it if your key holder is remote. Include a picture of today's newspaper.

Options to choose from: 

Option 1: 5 Plastic numbered lock + Key container 

Option 2: 20 Plastic numbered lock + Key container 

Color of plastic numbered lock: Black


  • Height: 2.28 inches/58 mm
  • Gold-coated or Steel
  • Can fit 1 key 
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