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Collab - Oxy & Josie Lynn - Short Tube

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3D Printed Short Chastity Cage

This magnificent Short Tube is made in collaboration with Josi Lynn.Forget about Steel devices, 3D printed Chastity devices are the future. It is pretty much possible to make any kind of design you want. Oxy decided to go with one of our bestsellers, model NC10. Custom printed Short Tube chastity cage might just be the thing you were looking for.

To have a complete product you must have two parts, a ring and a cage. + an integrated lock.

Purchase chastity lock here

Purchase Chastity ring here


1. Chastity Rings and locks are sold separately. Read FAQ for this line of products at the bottom!

2. Please allow 2-8 days in order for item to be made. Shipping time 5-7 business days.

TouchStop is a mesh that covers several segments of a Short Tube Cage. TouchStop is designed to prevent access to areas of skin within that portion of the cage while still allowing air and water access to the skin beneath.


The HeadLock feature adds a smaller ring to the entrance to the cage, restricting the opening in such a fashion as to hold the head in place when properly sized. The HeadLock ring will also put an end to casual pull-out attempts if a sufficiently large HeadLock size is chosen. No device of this style is 100% secure, but HeadLock makes it so that a serious effort must be put in to escape.

Product Details

Total Length: 1.79'' / 45.7mm
Head inside diameter: 1.42x1.34'' / 36x34mm
Head depth in front of HeadLock: 0.97'' / 24.7mm
HeadLock: 1.18'' / 30mm
Shaft inside diameter: 1.42x1.34'' /36x34mm
Ring to Cage Gap: 0.33'' / 8.5mm
Bar Profile: Circular, 0.16'' / 4mm diameter
Locking Mechanism: Utilizes a standard chastity lock cylinder (Not included)

Ball Gap: (To OXY rings +/- 0.2mm)
  • 1.38'' / 35mm ring: 0.46'' / 11.8mm
  • 1.57'' / 40mm ring: 0.53'' / 13.4mm
  • 1.77'' / 45mm ring: 0.65'' / 16.5mm
  • 1.96'' / 50mm ring: 0.75'' / 19.0mm (Ring angled -2°)
  • 2.16'' / 55mm ring: 0.88'' / 22.5mm (Ring angled -4°)
  • 2.36'' / 60mm ring: 0.99'' / 25.2mm (Ring angled -8°)
  • 2.55'' / 65mm ring: 1.18'' / 30.0mm (Ring angled -10°)

Gray PA12 & Black PA12 are made out of Multi Jet Fusion Plastic. 3D printed innylon 12 material with a matte finish and slightly grainy feel.

Rest of the models is made out of Versatile Plastic. 3D printed innylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth colorful finish.
How to put on a chastity device

Q: Where can I get a lock for the 3D printed Short Tube?
A:You can order it directly from Oxy-shop on this link.

Q: How do I measure for our product?

Please read the "How to choose your Chastity device" guide. If you have specific questions not answered in the guide, please message us through the shop.

Q: What is the difference between the natural finish, processed and premium material in your 3D printed products?

3D printing leaves a soft texture on every print, Natural finish is not a print setting I recommend as it is the roughest. Processed is best described as the texture of an egg shell. Premium plastic still has a slight texture, but it's glossier and slipperier, meaning skin will glide across it a little easier. Depending on your personal preference, any of them could need sanding. Some people like the grip, some people want it smooth.