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★Spare part - Spare SPIKED Tube for "The Guardian"

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CBT 3D printed chastity cage 

This is a chastity tube only = Compatible with a 3D printed Guardian collection and Phantom collection. The 3D-printed Guardian cages and Base Rings are interchangeable with other accessories of the same type. The "Shell rings" are not compatible with a spiked tube version. 

A upgrade to the best seller chastity cage = The inner part is filled up with devious spikes. You are trying to get hard? Think twice. 
The spikes will penetrate your tender flesh and provide the discomfort you deserve. 

Chastity Spare Parts

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The Guardian - 3D printed chastity cage is made of Nylon material and is one of the most comfortable and lightweight we ever made. The very solid and sturdy design is suitable for long term chastity wear.


XS: Total length : 50mm/1.97inch - Internal width 33mm/1.26inch

S: Total length : 60mm/2.36inch - Internal width 36mm/1.42inch

M: Total length : 75mm/2.95inch - Internal width 37mm/1.45inch

L: Total length : 85mm/3.34inch - Internal width 37mm/1.45inch

XL: Total length : 100mm/3.93inch - Internal width 39mm/1.54inch

Colors available: Pink / Black  / White 

This item is made to order and 3D printed. Processing time might vary from 2 days to 8 days depending on orders volume.


How to put on a chastity device