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Domina Mara's Dragon Queen Collection + FREE How to video

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Want to feel like the Matron of Dragons? 

Begin by locking your boys with the 24K Gold Dragon Chastity Device which has an anti-slip ring that will keep the cage in place.  If You are feeling generous, there is also a smooth ring option.  Instead of breathing fire, release your boy from the top opening or have him spew spunk through the mouth of the cage. 
(Specs: 45mm + 50mm chastity rings included) 

The Gold Wing Glans Ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry that goes around the head of the male organ to stimulate that sensitive area and makes him want to fly away with his fantasies of You.
(Specs: 1.1"/28mm diameter - adjustable) 

The Golden Claw Plugis not for the faint of heart.  It's made of medical grade stainless steel and has a ribbing design for all levels of urethral sounding experience. 
(Specs: Plug 0.3"/8mm diameter) 

And finally, we have Kali's Teeth, which like any dragon, has multiple rows of sharp screws that can be adjusted to any girth depending on how much restraint you'd want the spikes to bite. 
(Specs: adjustable long teeth, external paddlock) 

Enjoy this luxury set Lady Mara has curated inspired by timeless medieval torture, suitable for any Mistress and/or Goddess and Her lucky pets.

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