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Electro Balls & Penis Crusher - CBT Board

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Electro Balls & Penis Crusher - CBT Board

  1. Comes with 10 powerful electrical modes and 6 intensity levels
  2. Adjustable pressure with the two screws at the front
  3. The perfect combination of electro sex and ball crushing
  4. A cock and ball torture must have

Ball crushing and electrosex? YES Mistress! 

This cock and ball board can apply pressure to both the cock and balls or just the balls, by simply inserting your cock and balls through the back hole. Then screw down the wing nuts to apply more and more pressure. If you desire you can have only your balls crushed you can simple slip your cock through the handy cock hole on the other acrylic board. 

As an added bonus the the ball crusher also comes with a built in electro sex power box so you can cycle through the ten different modes each with six different intensity levels. You’ll love the intense electrical stimulations and rhythmic stimulation provided by this CBT board,. 

Both plates of the board are made of durable acrylic. 

Both plates measure 5 inches in width and 7 inches in length. The cock hole measures 1.6 inches in diameter and the ball hole measures 2 inches in diameter.

Acrylic Ball Crusher - Penis torture device comes only in Transparent.


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