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Elven Crown - Medieval Glans Ring

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Elven Crown - Medieval Glans Rings 

This fabulous Celtic Circlet glans ring is a stunning addition to any Elven LOTR or renaissance fans. Crown your manhood with this majestic piece of jewelry to get all elves bowing to his supremacy. 

Crafted from medical grade stainless steel and hand polished - entirely hypoallergenic and all nickel-free.

A good glans ring puts a pressure on the glans of your penis so it becomes more sensitive to touch. As it is the most sensitive part of your penis, imagine all the enhanced arousal and pleasure! Similar to how it gives little tug into the head, it allows you to feel the sensitive nerve endings to be more warmth, wet, and in a flesh on flesh action. 

Elven Crown - Medieval Glans Ring


Apply some lube on your glans ring, it will help it to slide on your flaccid cock into the proper location. The best way is to place your ring just behind the glans, below the corona. The corona should prevent the ring from sliding out as soon as you are fully erect.

Remove the Glans ring while you are in a flaccid state.

Gents that are not circumcised can wear with the foreskin retracted or not.

Material: Surgical grade Stainless Steel

3 Ring sizes to choose from:

  • 1.02'' / 26 mm
  • 1.1'' / 28 mm
  • 1.18'' / 30 mm

Important notice! The price is for 1 piece only. You will receive 1 piece of the size you have selected.

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 How to wear a Glans Ring


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