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Enema plug with funnel

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Enema Anal plug with funnel

Exquisite enema play with the funnel and hollow plug

Into enema play? With this anal funnel, Oxy is bringing juicy odysseys to your/her/his backdoor! 

This kit provides a hollow steel anal plug, flexible se through tubing, and a steel funnel. With this you can fill your partner with your favorite choice of liquid. Orange Juice, cum or Piss, whatever tickles your fancy will go down that ass funnel. 

Command your submissive to hold it in, once you've removed the plug or simply remove the hose to let the liquid expel on its own. The steel plug can heat or cool for mind blowing temperature play.

 Ass Funnel Hollow anal plug 

  • Contents: 1 hollow anal plug, 1 rubber tube, 1 metal funnel
  • Size: 15.5 inches in total length, 3.75 insertable, 1.45 inches in diameter
  • Fill your partner up with your favorite liquid
  • The steel can be heated or cooled for temperature play