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ErgoNest - Shape to body Ball Stretcher

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ErgoNest - Most comfortable ball Stretcher

Meet the "ErgoNest" – it’s like your personal fitness buddy for the parts you care about most. We’ve kicked discomfort to the curb with this super-snug ball stretcher. It's all about that 'just-right' fit; not too tight, not too loose, but that perfect hug that says, "I’ve got you, buddy." Choose the right fit and be ready to have those balls hanging low in no time.

Worried about fiddly bits and complicated setups? Don’t be. Our Easy Lock Mechanism is a no-fuss, no-muss kind of deal.

Crafted with stainless steel 316L, the "ErhoNest" moves with you, not against you. It’s the wingman you didn’t know you needed, giving you that gentle nudge of support right where it matters.

So, why not give your boys the comfy throne they deserve? Let's make those moments of enhancement the highlight of your day!

Video of ErgoNest - Shape to body Ball Stretcher

How to use this Ball stretching device?

To put it on simply remove the movable part on side as per video. Slide you balls in through the hole opening on this side. Put back the loose part and make it as one with the stretcher.

How to measure your size:

ErgoNest - Shape to body Ball Stretcher

Your chosen ball weight should be loose and comfortable enough not to restrict blood flow. On the other hand, it should also be tight enough not to allow testicles to slip through.

Put the measuring tape around the top of the testicles. It’s important that your both testicles rest comfortably under the tape.

For the most accurate measurement, it’s important to perform several measurements and to write down at least 5 results.

After you have obtained the measurements, calculate the average value: Use our calculator for this purpose.

Multiply this result by 0.74 and 0.8 to get the tightest and loosest size you can wear.

Divide each of these results with 3.14 to get the tightest and loosest inner diameter you can wear.

Order ball weights with inner diameters between these two sizes. For this model, take into account the wide only, 42/45/47mm.

Material: Stainless Steel

Weight: Light model 0.44lbs/200 gr; Heavier model 0.66 lbs/300 gr

Dimensions: L- Light or H-Heavy version; 3 sizes to choose. As per picture in description.

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