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Multi-sized Steel Shackles

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Steel Shackles for BDSM play

Stash these  Steel Hand-Cuffs in your toy bag and you won’t be able to keep your hands off them!

These heavy-duty handcuffs are sturdy and durable and will securely restrain your slave for any duration of your play. Comes in four different sizes so all of you manage to experience Oxy-shop craftmanship. These BDSM handcuffs are highly effective and secure, that makes them perfect choice for sadistic scene or raunchy sex play. Process is simple: Cuff your partners wrists together and restrict their movement. The possibilities are endless!

Multi-sized Steel Shackles

The Steel Hand-Cuffs are suitable for beginners and experienced users alike. Fine quality construction and a tempting BDSM look, they are the original and the best! These bondage hand-cuffs are exactly what you’re looking for.

Be creative and connect them to a chain for an ultimate session of bondage play. 

The Safe material, high-quality 304 stainless steel, is comfortable and secure. Carefully polished to make each cuff smooth and rounded. They will not come off without the key. 

Height & Width for one hand:

Size S: 1.92 inches/4.9 cm ; 1.65 inches/4.2 cm

Size M: 2.16 inches/5.5 cm ; 1.77 inches/4.5 cm

Size L: 2.36 inches/6.0 cm ; 1.81 inches/4.6 cm

Size XL: 2.75 inches/7.0 cm ; 1.97 inches/5.0 cm

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