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Evil Shells - Brutal Ball Crusher and stretcher

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Evil Shells - Brutal CBT Device 

Are you looking for the ultimate toy for your CBT sessions? They evil shells are here to crush, squeeze and stretch this gentle sack of yours. 

Add Evil shells CBT toy to your scene and it will be the final turn of the screw! It does take balls to play with this torture device - we guarantee. 

Designed for deviance and erotic pain, this ball stretcher and ball crusher combo will separate the nuts to torture each testicle individually and give the devious punishment it deserves. 

>View the introduction video to the Evil Shells presented by Mistress Ayn here. 

Each shell has 13 individual screws that are adjusted with the included Allen key, while the ergonomic design ensures that it is easy to put on and is held in place for a play session or for long term wear. Simply put the balls between the two halves of each nut shell, lock them inside and they’ll be completely vulnerable and at your mercy. This spiked CBT device even comes with 2 padlocks included for added security, so there’s no escaping fate!

Boasting a unique design that facilitates the addition of weights between the two shells, this really is cock and ball torture at its best. The open-sided feature even allows you to watch as balls get pressed, but it also allows air circulation for the best hygiene. 

Take the pain vs. pleasure association up a notch and discover an all new level of explosive gratification with this Evil Shells CBT device!

Depth: 21mm (ca. 0.82 inch) for each half

Length: 65mm (ca. 2.56 inches)

Width: 45mm (ca. 1.77 inches)

100% Stainless steel 316L and body safe material. 

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