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Ezada's Orgasm Control Box + 40min Video

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You always fantasized about giving total control over your orgasms to a beautiful Dominant Woman? Ezada Sinn wants your cock under Her control! Oxy-Shop, working closely together with the world famous Matriarch, created the ultimate orgasm control box that will help you experience all the flavors behind having your penis controlled: chastity, intense tease and denial, CBT, different ejaculations tehniques and much more.

Mistress Ezada Orgasm Control Box

In this box you will find everything you need to perform all the 10 tasks presented in the 40 minutes long Bonus Video*, with detailed instructions of how to perform them to Ezada's satisfaction. The clip is everything one needs to start experiencing Chastity, tease and denial and multiple ejaculations techniques. 

Order Ezada's Orgasm Control Box now and get ready to experience the sexiest month of your life. 

The tasks are designed for an intensive 30 days chastity play, but all the items can be used separately.

Chastity Dimensions: 

SHORT: 48mm in length, 1.88 inch
LONG: 60 mm in length, 2.36 inch
34mm in diameter.
4 Rings: 36mm / 40mm / 45mm / 50mm.
Air hole: 3.

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BONUS 40 minutes Video will be sent by email 24 hours after ordering the box*

To be able to receive the "HOW TO VIDEO", please make sure to be an oxy newsletter subscriber.  Make the changes in your account if it is not the case. 

Mistress Ezada Sinn