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Fake Silicone Vagina T-Back for Sissies

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Fake silicone vagina for Sissies 

Our affordable fake silicone vagina is a made-to-order prosthetic to help you up your game in your male-to-female transformation. They're perfect for those who want to 'pass' as female, and also feel as though they are.The adjustable T-strap is an easy way to adjust to your body types - Up to 44” waist. 

These panties are designed so you can urinate like a lady, with no need to remove your pants. The urine flowing by the vagina opening - you can use them 24/7! 

This is not recommended for chastity cage wearers as there is a slip on sleeve to hide your penis. Just slide your penis comfortably to keep it tight to your body. 

Fake vagina for Sissies is made of a 100% hypoallergenic food grade TPE silicone. It is designed with the crossdresser in mind, being easy to use and hand-washable.
The realistic texture has a soft skin feeling. Super conformable with an elastic stretch, doesn't fade out and oil-free. 

Fake vaginas for crossdressers made from silicone are generally considered to be the most realistic, as they often feel very similar to the real thing. Silicone vaginas also tend to be very easy to care for – simply wash with warm water and mild soap after use. This model has natural thin edges. 

Choose our selection of skin tones to match to yours. 
One Size fit most - up to 44" waist / 110 cm. Please measure yourself accordingly 
Recommended weight of 50kg-85kg / 110lb - 190lb
Recommended height of 150cm to 185cm / 59inches to 73inches

The vagina measures 23cm x 25cm / 9inches by 9.8inches

Since it is made to order, allow 4-8 days for dispatch. 

How to use: 

1) Clean in soapy luke warm water

2) dry and Hang in the shade 

3) Apply Talcum powder / baby powder

4) Wear it. 

For storage, store in a cool dry place. 


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