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Feeding Gag with Stopper

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Introducing our Pie Hole Silicone Feeding Gag, a daring and provocative BDSM accessory that invites you to explore the thrilling realms of power and control. Designed to keep your submissive or slave's mouth wide open for your pleasure, this gag offers endless possibilities for dominance and submission.

Crafted from high-grade silicone, this gag ensures a safe and comfortable experience. The durable material is odorless, tasteless, and non-porous, guaranteeing both hygiene and long-lasting enjoyment. The adjustable straps at the back of the head allow for a secure and customized fit, ensuring your plaything remains under your command.

The centerpiece of this gag is the ring that is expertly positioned between their teeth, keeping their mouth pried open to your liking. The straps can be tightened with ease, and the optional locking feature adds an extra layer of restraint, ensuring their complete surrender. When you desire silence, the stopper can be inserted, muffling their sounds and reducing their ability to speak. Alternatively, when you crave unrestricted access, simply let the plug hang from the chain, ready to seal their lips once you've satisfied your desires.

Rest assured, the hardware on this gag, including the buckle, is made from nickel-free metal, prioritizing safety and comfort during play. After each session, sanitize the gag with mild soap or a toy cleaner, maintaining its pristine condition for future adventures.


  • Fits up to 21 inches in circumference
  • Gag is 1.9 inches in outer diameter
  • Opening is 1.5 inches in diameter

Please note that the lock is not included, allowing you the option to incorporate your preferred method of confinement and control.



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