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Fetish Jacket - ''Who is crazy now?''

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 ''Who is crazy now?'' - Fetish Bondage jacket 🤪

"Who is crazy now?" is the perfect addition to your fetish bondage BDSM wardrobe. When your patient must be restrained for their own safety, this heavy duty PU leather jacket provides inescapable restraint. Fully adjustable straps fasten securely to metal D-rings. The jacket features a strap that passes between the legs and attaches to the back, making escape impossible.

Size: Suitable for height of 155cm-175cm (61''-69'') , and weight 50kg-65kg (110lbs-143lbs)
Material: Superior quality PU Leather
Color: Black


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Please note, since it is not real leather, it will not withstand really heavy struggling or stresses or strains on the material.