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Fox Tail - Large Anal Beads Plug

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Large Anal Beads Plug with Fox Tail

A Tale of Forbidden Desires

In a world where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, the Fox Tail - Large Anal Beads Plug stands as a symbol of untamed passion. Its lush fox tail whispers tales of ancient forests and moonlit dances, beckoning those who dare to venture into the wild side of desire.

The vibrant orange beads,tell a story of anticipation. With every bead marked from 1 to 9, the journey becomes more intense, drawing you deeper into a realm of pleasure previously unexplored. Each insertion and removal is a chapter of sensations, a crescendo of ecstasy.

Crafted with precision and care, its ergonomic design promises a dance of comfort and excitement. The body-safe, hypoallergenic silicone cradles you gently, ensuring every moment is both safe and intoxicating.

As the nights grow longer and the days become a blur, the Fox Tail Anal Beads Plug becomes a trusted companion. Perfect for solitary adventures or tales written for two, this unique plug transforms every encounter into a story worth telling.

So, will you heed the call of the wild? With the Fox Tail - Large Anal Beads Plug, every night becomes a page in your own sensual saga. Embrace the narrative, and let your fantasies come to life.

Material: Silicone 
Weight: 1.3 lbs/590 gr

Total length: 18.8 inches/48 cm Diameter of Beads:1.77 inches/4.5 cm Length of tail: 15 inches/38cm