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Full Trap - chastity device (New locking system)

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The Full trap is an innovative penis and balls trap cage inspired by the permanent cage. Printed in Nylon and available in 3 colors, it is an original way to lock yourself up. It does not lock as a traditional cock ring, but traps the balls in for a secure and innovative experience.

In plastic, tap and screw the parts together with some M4 set screws (length 10 and 12 or 16). requires 2 screws minimum (16mm long), or 6 screws for maximum 'security'. This is designed to be used for short periods of time

How does it work?

Material and what's included

3D printed in Nylon material, It is sturdy and solid. Made of body safe material, it does not cause harm or irritations.
Ideal for short session.

Paint & Colors

We use premium paint for Pink & Black. The paint is a body-safe shiny coating, same as in the automotive industry, there is a base coat with the color applied, followed by a clear coat for a glossy coating effect.It is waterproof.


This is not a conventional chastity device as it does not lock as a cock ring but traps the balls in. One size fits most.

Dimensions: 32mm wide by 39.5mm height at the opening for the shaft. Length of shaft when soft is between 45-80mm, there is lots of free space here due to the open nature.

Colors available: Pink, Black