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15pc x Design Glans Ring - Gift Set BOX

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Glans ring - Gift set bundle

This set is perfect to offer as a gift or wear yourself - 1 Glans ring per day for 2 weeks. It includes all the must-have rings from our collection, all of this at a 50% discount! 


Surgical grade Stainless Steel 316L 
Sizes: 1.02'' / 26 mm or 1.10'' / 28 mm or 1.18'' / 30 mm

Glans Ring - Gift Set

The set includes ALL items below: 

1x 🏳️‍🌈Pride Glans Ring Showcase your willy with pride! 

1x Crown Glans Ring - Your crown jewels will never look so authoritative as you place this crown on your head!

1x "One to rule them all" Glans Ring - Raise your sword and brace for battle - This ring will enhance your sexual experiences with new sensations down to the nerves. 

1x Cobra Glans Ring - The snake goes around your cock, provides the pleasure of a glans ring and the aesthetic of fine jewelry.

1x Chain Glans Ring - The Chain Glans Ring will turn your shaft into a stallion with its industrial engine finish. Once you strap on this guy you'd better be ready for a long ride. 

1x Temperature Ring - Unreleased Ring.Measures the body temperature of your hot cock. 

1x Fluorescent Glans Ring - "Love"- Don't ever lose your Sub in the dark!

1x Steel Dragon ScaleUnreleased Ring. Fully handmade and engraved, it requires 3 to 4 hours to make one piece in our atelier. Gold version available here. 

1x Razor Glans Ring - might look a bit scary like it is going to hurt you but once you try it on, you'll change your mind right away. Experience the unique feeling of skin "pumping" at open parts of the ring. Get ready to be amazed!

1x Standard Steel Polish Glans Ring- Does the idea of getting a mini handy all day long sound intriguing to you? Good! Wearing a heavy glans ring feels great and is a good way to add a little spice to your day to day life! 

1x Snake Glans Ring - A unique design for a charismatic look. 

1x "Hug me" - Glans Ring - Don't let your penis go with this hugging shaped ring. 

1x Eagle Arrow Glans Ring - Perfect choice for your Beak!

1x Satan’s Crown Glans Ring - Satan always finds work for horny hands.

1x "Skull me up" Glans Ring - Slip the Skeleton Head down your shaft and place it around the head of your cock and reach the pressure that you are craving.


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How to put on a Glans Ring?

You'll need to apply a generous amount of water-based lube and glide the ring over your flaccid penis. Allow it to rest just under your penis head whilst feel comfortably snug, but not too tight that it restricts blood flow.

How to wear a Glans Ring


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