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Handmade Ballet Ankle Cuffs - Forced high heels training

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Ballet Ankle Cuffs Forced To Wear High Heels Restraints 

Heavy Duty Ballet ankle cuffs, Ideal for sissy and feminisation training! 
This restraint device force the submissive to wear high heels and only very long heels can ease his restraint painful feeling. 

This is very special Feet Bondage, you can walk some steps if you are strong enough , join a party or just be forced to wear them and feel the hard cold metal strength ..and you cannot put off your high heels, because the key may be in the hand of your Master or Mistress......... unless or until Master or Mistress decide to free you.

Locking forced to wear high-heels are fetish bdsm gear which make the wearer of them become under the key holder's command which is why these can be used in bondage.

Material: Stainless Steel. 

Idea: Combine it with a timer lock. 

Dimensions for reference (can be customised). 
Female Size: 65mm*75mm - 2.55"*2.95"
Male Size: 75mm*85mm - 2.95"*3.34"

This device is customizable(cuffs ring size and plate length).Customize service cost extra $50, please contact us before order.

This device can also work with chain,the attached ring on ankle ring offer this function.If you need this function,you can buy chain locally and connect with 2 padlocks,then chain would be functional by then.

We custom make each order by hand for you as it comes in. Please allow us 10-15 days for us to get your new goodies built, powder coated and shipped.

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