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Head Harness mouth gag

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Mouth Gag Head Harness 

Enhance your lover's sense of submission with this head harness with incorporated ball gag. Leather straps encase your partner's head, partially restricting their sight and holding the large PVC ball gag firmly in their mouth to muffle moans.

Material: PU Leather & Silicon



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“Slave, since you seem to have a gift for getting gags out of your mouth, no matter how tightly they are put in, I have purchased a special surprise for you.”, your Master states as he slides a harness over your head and pops a gag in your mouth.  The harness’s straps going over and around your head act as blinders and you cannot see what your Master is preparing for you out of the corner of your eye anymore.

You can feel your Master working his way around you tightening the straps on your head harness, leg restraints and arms restraints.  “You will now be punished for all those times you spit a gag out without permission.”, your Master states as he picks up a riding crop and smacks your ass with it. The strike surprises you and you let out a muffled yelp. “Yes, this is going to be a lot more fun for the both of us Slave now that a gag will stay securely in that pretty mouth of yours,” your Master replies as he starts to administer your punishment eliciting all sorts of incoherent noises from your gagged mouth.