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💝 Heart Shaped Key Necklace for chastity - Gold & Steel

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Heart Shape Chastity Key

Looking for a unique way to show your partner that you're committed to remaining chaste? Why not give the gift of chastity with this heart shaped chastity key?

As a keyholder & with this key, you'll be able to unlock a chastity lock, ensuring that your partner remains chaste until you're ready to let them loose. Plus, the key can be worn as a necklace, making it a constant reminder of your love and commitment.

Thanks to the Necklace, the domme can keep you close tho her/his heart at all times. 

Mistress Jane Romeno - Heart Shaped Key Necklace for a Keyholder

Heart Shape Chastity Key

Made of high quality Stainless Steel. 
Compatible with all OXY integrated locks. 

To choose: 
1) Heart Shape Key Necklace Only 
2) Heart Shape Key Necklace, + 2 set of keys and 1 lock. 

Heart Chastity key

Heart shaped chastity key