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''Helpless'' restraint - Arm Binders

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Arm Binders "Helpless" Bondage restraint

Restrict your plaything's mobility in a unique and attractive bondage device that will make them look and feel irresistibly helpless! This Arm Binders "Helpless" Bondage restraint leather-like accessory has a strap that runs across their back and two adjustable restraints that tighten around their upper arms. Another strap runs down their back and attaches to a cuff that holds both of their forearms, crossed above their ass. Three locking buckles adjust around the cuff to secure your submissive's wrists, ensuring that they have no hope for escape!

Material: PU Leather


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In her blindfolded darkness, she could feel straps being tightened around each of her upper arms, then her arms were pulled behind her, crossed behind her back, and bound together.  She tried to wriggle her wrists free but they were tightly bound to her forearms offering no chance of escape. She was then pushed back against the pole in the middle of the room and felt the center strap down her back being tied to it.  She could picture exactly what she looked like secured to the metal pole in the middle of the room completely naked except for her black 8 inch stiletto heels and the black leather of the restraints. Her arms pulled behind her back causing her breasts to thrust out in front of her proudly while the pole kept her back straight would be quite the sight for her Masters guests to be greeted with upon arriving at the party.  As for what would happen to her, well she was completely helpless to prevent any of her Masters guests from doing whatever they wanted to her sexy toned body…...