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HTV4 Steel with Chain / Chastity on leash

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HTV4 Steel with Chain

Lock up your desires with the HTV4 Steel Device, a chastity cage designed for the ultimate in submissive control. This sleek and sturdy steel cage features a unique hook that allows you to attach a leash, making it the perfect tool for those looking to explore the world of BDSM pet play. With its secure locking mechanism and comfortable design, the HTV4 is the perfect way to indulge in your kinkiest fantasies while still maintaining complete control over your partner's pleasure. Don't wait - add the HTV4 to your collection today and experience the ultimate in chastity play.

Material: Stainless Steel 316L / Chain provided.
Price is for one cage tube + 1 ring + 1 lock + 1 chain

Models to choose from:

The internal diameter of 33mm/1.3 inch apart of Maxi which has a diameter of 35mm/1.4 inches.

    Binding Loop inner diameter:

    • 12mm / 0.50 inch

    Numbers of air vents:

    • 3
    The whole set contains:

    • 1 ring to choose from
    • 1 Cage tube to choose from
    • 1 Magic Locker (high quality) with 2 keys
    • 1 chain

    Please note this is not the original Holy Trainer.

    Size to choose from:
    4 different Rings: 36mm/40mm/45mm/50mm
    Chastity ring dimensions HTV3 spare ring

    Between 34mm (1.3") and 35mm (1.4")

    Full Length
    The Nub: : 25mm + 33mm (0.98" +1.30")
    Nano: 82mm (3.22inch)
    Small: 97mm (3.80inch)
    Standard: 102mm (4.0inch)
    Maxi: 110mm (4.33inch)

    Inside the Tube Length
    The Nub: 25mm (0.98inch)
    Nano: 20mm (0.78inch)
    Small: 45mm (1.77inch)
    Standard: 52mm (2.0inch)
    Maxi: 61mm (2.40inch)
    HTV3 Chastity tube

    How to put on a chastity device