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Huge Egg Plug - Ass Plug

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Silicone Ass Plug

Slide this huge pleasure tool up your ass for a feeling unlike any other. One of the most comfortable butt plugs. Special silicone makes it super soft and perfect long-term wear. . The Silicone Ass Plug feels just as good as the fullness! Shove this plug in and out if your ass just can't get enough of it! And when you're ready, stroke yourself off with this massive object stuffed deep inside your hole.Egg shaped so you can comfortably wear it & to provide secure stay in place. Made for a long term wear. Try out Egg-Butt Plug! As it slides in, you'll be amazed at how much you can take! This XXL plug has no seams, for a smooth, silky stretch. Give your hole every inch of what it craves: a premium silicone plug that goes in smooth and stays put! You could walk around all day with this big fucker inside you, if you wanted! Just lube it up and savor the stretch as it pushes into your tight canal

Silicone can be used with water-based or oil-based lubes. It can take scrubbing with hot water and strong detergents without breaking down. Just don't use it with silicone lube, and it's built to last.

We offer 4 different sizes so you can work your way up to XXL.

Huge Egg Plug

Material: Liquid Silicone
Firmness: C7

Max diameter of plug ; Total length of plug: 

M 2.1 inch/5.5 cm ;  5.9 inch/15 cm

L 2.55 inch/6.5 cm ;  7.1 inch/18 cm

XL 2.95 inch/7.5 cm ; 8.3 inch/21 cm

XXL 3.34 inch/8.5 cm ; 9.05 inch/23 cm