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Little devil - App controlled Electric shock Collar - By Qiui

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"Little devil" electric shock Collar is developed by Qiui, the creator of world famous connected BDSM devices such as the cellmate or the Pear flower

The collar is bluetooth connected to your phone via an app controlling the electric shocks. The safety pulse voltage technology provides punishments without harming the body of the wearer. 
The collar can be locked to the sub thanks to a paddlock. 

The collar is charged via USB and has a life span of 5 hours on a single charge. 

The six axis gyroscope allows advanced play such as the "Stand still" mode which detects any motions. If the wearer moves, electric shocks are provided. 
The height detector allows a play mode we call "On all fours" - The sub can't exceed a specific height decided by the app holder. If the sub tries to stand, he will receive an electric shock. The shock feature is light shocks corresponding to the device battery.

Download QIUI app for IOS or Android

>>> More informations on how to use can be found here. Click

This device should not be forced to the wearer - It is only for BDSM short to mid term games. The partner must have consent and the play should happen within the limits of safety.


>>> More informations on how to use can be found here. Click