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Lockable Steel Ball Stretchers

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Lockable Steel Ball Stretchers

Classic testicular weights that pull the balls downward with their own weight and stretch the sack to extremes. Overall, the penis is harder, tenser and remains aroused. Both the penis and balls are particularly sensitive to touch or "further treatments"- If you know what we mean ;). If you don’t, your Mistress knows for sure what to do with those locked balls of yours. 

It features a very high quality, two-piece design, where the two elements are closed using Allen screws and are firmly joined together. An additional, a wraparound metal belt (lockable) guarantees that the ball stretcher cannot be taken off without permission.

Combine it with time play and slip the key in the key safe box with a timer lock - for a timely release.

Material: medical grade Stainless Steel



S: Weight: 400gr / Internal Diameter: 35mm / High: 22mm 

M: Weight: 550gr /  Internal Diameter: 35mm / High: 30mm 

L: Weight: 710gr /  Internal Diameter: 35mm / High: 40mm 


S: Weight: 0.88Lb / Internal Diameter: 1.37” / High: 0.86”

M: Weight: 1.21Lb /  Internal Diameter: 1.37”  / High: 1.18”

L: Weight: 1.56Lb /  Internal Diameter: 1.37”  / High: 1.57”


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