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Locking Butt Plug for Anal Chastity

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Anal Plug - Locking Butt Plug  

This unique locking butt plug will keep your slave's asshole stretch open - a perfect punishment that he/she was begging for.

How does it work:
1. Insert the Locking Butt Plug for Anal Chastity with some lube.
2. Once it is buried deep down, pull back the plunger. The flower petals are opening inside.
3. Secure it with the lock provided. 

You are good to go! 
Imagine going to a party and handing over the keys to another master, ready to use your play thing. Or putting this key in a game of draw. 
Who gets the key, gets to play. 


Size: Measures approx. 5.63 inch (140 mm) overall length,

3.4inch / 85mm long plug

Collapsed Bulb is 1.6inch / 40mm diameter

Expanded Bulb is 2inch / 50mm  diameter 

Medical grade Stainless Steel / Weight : 350g

Suitable for women and men

Keep clean for second use

Sold with a padlock, two set of keys and a velvet bag.



Oxy-Shop Warranty

24 K GOLD 


Gold Locking Butt plug
Rainbow Locking Butt plug