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Lotus Flower - Chastity Key Locket - Chastity Keyholder

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Lotus Flower - Chastity Keyholder Locket  

The Lotus Flower Chastity Key Locket is a unique and meaningful accessory, designed specifically for those who embrace the role of a keyholder. At the heart of its design is a beautifully crafted lotus flower, a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. This locket seamlessly blends elegance with symbolism, making it a perfect piece for everyday wear or special occasions.

Crafted with care, the locket opens to reveal a space for a small key, a symbol of the trust and commitment inherent in the keyholder's role. Its simplicity is its beauty, offering a subtle yet powerful statement.

The inspiration for this locket comes from a story of a keyholder named Maya. Maya was known for her wisdom and understanding in her community. She was entrusted with the key to the village's sacred garden, a place where rare lotus flowers bloomed. These flowers were seen as a symbol of purity and were central to many of the village's traditions and ceremonies.

Maya wore the locket as a symbol of her role. It was not just a piece of jewelry, but a representation of her responsibility to protect and honor the sacred space she was entrusted with. The locket reminded her and the villagers of the importance of trust, care, and the beauty that comes from respecting sacred bonds.

Lotus Flower - Chastity Key Locket - Chastity Keyholder

The Lotus Flower Chastity Key Locket is more than an accessory; it's a symbol of the values that Maya embodied. It's perfect for anyone who holds something precious - be it a tradition, a space, or a relationship - and does so with integrity and love. This locket is an everyday reminder of the beauty and strength found in commitment and trust.

Made of high quality Stainless Steel. 
Compatible with all OXY integrated locks. 

To choose: 
1) Lotus Flower Necklace Only 
2) Lotus Flower Necklace, + 2 set of keys and 1 lock.