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Lust Circle- Forced Bending Over ring

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Lust Circle- BDSM restraint Forced Bending Over device

Ideal for submissive training, the forced bending device will keep the sub on all four! 

This bondage positioning aid allows you get them into the perfect position for spanking, tickling, fucking, or whatever you have in mind! Put the sub in doggy style and watch his sweet ass cheeks exposed and vulnerable.

This simple bondage tool will be your go-to restraint!

It is a lockable restraint device which you can combine with a timer lock. 

You can use the 4-D rings on each sides to attach the Lust circle to other bondage equipment, to the floor or to the ceiling. 


Mistress has me face down on the bed, my ass in the air, Locked in the lust circle. i feel completely restricted, trapped in this beautiful and devious device. Mistress asks me to bend over more and adjusts the ring, bending me up for her pleasure. My fingers reach towards my ankles and she laughs. "I hope you're comfortable, because I intend to keep you there for a while." i moan as she runs His hand up my thigh and gives my ass a slap. "There's just so much to do."

Material: High quality Stainless Steel


Inner diameter: 18.11 inch/46 cm

Rod length: 19.68 inch/50 cm

We custom make each order by hand for you as it comes in. Please allow us 2-5 weeks for us to get your new goodies built, powder coated and shipped.


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