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Luxury Collar With Leash

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Collar With Leash 

Keep'em on a tight leash and in control!!

Delve into the exciting world of BDSM with OXY Luxury leather bondage collar. A true essential for your bondage toy collection and sub's neck, the adjustable collar features metal stud detailing and a ring to add to the versatility of your naughty games. 

Luxury Collar With Leash will feel comfortable and secure against your partner's neck. Then you can apply a little pressure to the collar with the adjustable buckle. Place your favorite leash on the ring and proceed to lead your slave around the room (or the dungeon).

At one end there is a loop for easy handling of your sub. At the other end of the leash is a snap hook that can be used as a connection point onto a ring on a collar or other devices.

Length: 20.8 inch/53 cm

Adjustable Length: 13.4-18.1 inches/34-46 cm


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