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Miss Madison Olivia's Chastity Starter's Kit

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Introducing the ultimate Miss Madison Olivia's Chastity Starter's Kit, your first step into a world of exploration and excitement. This carefully curated Kit is designed to offer a unique blend of comfort, style, and control, perfect for beginners and experienced users alike.

Whether you're looking to enhance your personal journey or share an intimate experience with a partner, this kit provides everything you need to dive into the realm of chastity play with confidence.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and intimate exploration with Miss Madison Olivia's Chastity Starter's Kit. It's more than just a set of items; it's a new beginning.

Chastity Starter's Kit includes:

The Phantom & Guardian cock cages are made out of Nylon material and it is one of the most comfortable and lightweight we ever made. V2-Premium paint - The Cock Cages offers sizes of options to choose from. Very solid and sturdy, suitable for long-term chastity wear.

XS Phantom: Total length: 45mm/1.77inch - Internal width 32mm/1.26inch
XS Guardian: Total length: 50mm/1.97inch - Internal width 33mm/1.26inch

Curved Base rings included: 

1.77'' / 45mm ring
1.96'' / 50mm ring

Special Note for Guardian! We use NEW paint V2 which is bright pink and glossy, not as on current picture. V2 Paint is similar to Phantom Paint seen in images

2) 1x Your Secret Trio - Anal Plug Set- With 3 colorful variants in one set, the silicone butt plug set is ideal for anyone looking to discover the world of anal stimulation.

3) 1x Electronic Timer Lock- Ideal for BDSM play and Chastity cages! Set the time to lock a cage on your slave or yourself, and tease him for the time chosen.

4) 1x 3D Printed Pink Container- Variant "F". Put a real key inside a container and seal it with an Electronic Timer Lock 

5) Rose Gold Heart Shaped Key Necklace for Chastity (for couples) - As a keyholder with this key, you'll be able to unlock a chastity lock, ensuring that your partner remains chaste until you're ready to let them loose. Plus, the key can be worn as a necklace, constantly reminding you of your love and commitment.

Solo Play does NOT include Key Necklace

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