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NC08 - 2.28''/58 mm - CBT play

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Male Chastity Cage CBT 🔐

  • If they keep getting an erection, you know what to do... Use Key Wrench in order to Screw up your submissive partner a bit more while wearing a Male Chastity CBT cage. 6 Screws give some extra Erotic pain-pleasure for CBT lovers.

  • This might become a Male Chastity CBT cage to go to if Master decides you have been a naughty slave. Male chastity CBT is a perfect choice if your sub needs a lesson about respect and what can happen if they decide not to obey the rules.

  • Take your BDSM relationship to the next level

  • Each of the screws can be adjusted to dig into your cock as little or as much as you desire. Check out CH31 you are looking for chastity in order to take your BDSM relationship to the next level.

  • Cage total length :2.28 inch/58 mm

    Internal width:1.3 inch/33 mm

    Material :Medical Grade Stainless Steel 316 L ; No chrome plating ; No rust guaranteed.

  • Included:1 Penis cage ; 1 Padlock ; 1 set of keys ; 1 velvet carry bag

  • NEW Curved ring sizes:1.41 inch/36 mm ; 1.57 inch/40 mm ; 1.77 inch/45 mm ; 1.97 inch/50 mm
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  • Male Chastity Cage CBT