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NC10 - Micro Chastity Cage - 1.77'' / 45mm

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Micro Chastity Cage

Simple but still effective mini chastity for pathetic cocks will drive you crazy!

Want to be under complete control of your dominant partner? Lock your penis inside this Mini Chastity Cage. High-quality material and the wide-open design ensure there are going to be a lot of fun hours. Super convenient to put on and use every day.

Micro Chastity Cage

Lock your pathetic cock away!

This Mini Chastity Cage for pathetic cock is made just for you as it is going to make sure you don't get unwanted erections.

Did you know NC10 has a Big brother? NC10-Lis a chastity cage for all of the bigger boys out there.

  • Included:1 Penis cage, 1 Padlock, 1 set of keys, 1 velvet carry bag

  • Specs:

  • Cage total length :1.77 inch/45 mm

  • Get one, two, three or ALL 4 Curved rings:1.41 inch/36 mm - 1.57 inch/40 mm - 1.77 inch/45 mm - 1.97 inch/50 mm

    Internal width :1.3 inch/33 mm

    Material:High-Quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel 316 L. Easy cleaning and high-quality material ensure you will enjoy this toy for a long time.

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    Mini Chastity Cage for pathetic cock