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Nikki's Gold-Gilded Glans Guardian

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Nikki's Gold-Gilded Glans Guardian 

A bewitching bauble that demands attention and admiration. Telling a story—a tale of elegance, power, and untamed beauty. It becomes an extension of the wearer, adorned with a touch of mythical enchantment. This mesmerizing masterpiece marries endearment and eroticisim. An exquisite embellishment- an emblem and enigma that embodies extraordinary elegance. Nikki's Gold-Gilded Glans Guardian with a glimmering garnet gaze of grandeur.

Choosing the right size will definitely apply the right amount of pressure for an elevated orgasmic experience. 

Gold platted 24K. 

Made from the finest medical grade Surgical Steel, this ring will last a lifetime with proper care. 

The Serpent Glans & Shaft Ring


Not sure of the size? Follow our calculator below: 


    Material: Surgical grade Stainless Steel + 24K Gold plated  + Rainbow coated 

    4 Ring sizes to choose: 1.02'' / 26 mm - 1.10'' / 28 mm - 1.18'' / 30 mm - 1.25'' / 32 mm

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    Serpent Glans RingSerpent Glans Ring


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