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No ball Anal hook

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  • Anal Hook - No Ball Restraint

  • OXY Anal hook is made of high grade surgical stainless steel, which guarantees no rust, high resistance, and smooth texture.

    As a restraint device, it can be hooked up to ropes and other bondage equipment, making sure it keeps a strong hold on its wearer. Best used by suspending on the ceiling with a rope, and then tightening the rope so that the hook puts pressure on the rope's bunny little hole. The tightness of the rope can then be adjusted to punish or reward the wearer.

    OXY No Ball Anal Hook Restraint is non porous and easy to sterile and can be used as temperature play (warmed or cold). Also, features rounded edges on all sides, so as to avoid any potential cuts and have a safe BDSM experience.


    Be creative in your interactions, one thing’s for sure; resistance is futile. Have Fun!

    Thickness: 12 mm
    Hook full length: 150mm
    Insertable length: 80mm

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