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Octopus Sex Grinder

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Be ready for maximum stimulation and pleasure with The Octopus Sex Grinder.


Customize your experience and take control of your pleasure with Vibrator. The vibrator is also detachable, so you can use it separately or with other toys in your collection.


The Octopus Sex Grinder Comes with belts that allow you to adjust the toy to your preferred level of tightness and stimulation. These belts can be easily adjusted and tightened to create a snug fit that will keep the toy in place and enhance your experience.


Simply wash it with warm water and soap after use, or use a toy cleaner for even easier maintenance.

The Octopus Sex Grinder is a versatile and exciting addition to your Collection.


Length 5.7"/14.5 cm
Width 4.13"/10.5 cm
Height 2.16"/5.5 cm