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Oxy Ballsling Cockling with Splitter

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Cockling BallSling with Splitter

Designed to keep you rock hard and ready for action, as well as splitting the balls for increased sensitivity and gratification, the Oxy Ballsling Cocksling with Splitter offers a unique combination of intense stimulation that simply can’t be beat!


Caressing the cock and balls in soft, fleshy TPR, it will stretch to fit most men with ease and applies perfect pressure to your junk for unparalleled gratification. Also increasing the sensitivity of your sausage, the BallSling with Splitter Oxy enables you to experience heightened sensations for longer than ever and ensures that you always deliver the perfect pounding. The ball splitter keeps the nuts anchored below the body, while the separator pulls them away from each other for a sweet stretching sensation. Why not incorporate a little pinwheel play or sadistic CBT to really take advantage of the increased sensitivity this provides? 


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