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Pickle Butt Plug

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Tired of putting pickles where it is not supposed to go? We get you. 
Introducing an XXL pickle dildo plug that won't break inside your cavities! 
This silicone is a specially designed 100% body-safe silicone butt plug / Vinegar free. 

Our testers stated that the pickle bumps provide extra stimulation, which will rock your world. The one-in-a-kind feeling will make you use this pickle again and again. Also, the anchor-shaped base gives you the opportunity to keep the pickle in one place, while doing your everyday activities.

Colors: Black, Green, Orange


Length ; Max diameter:

S 3.54 inches/90 mm ; 1.18 inches/30 mm

M 4.72 inches/120 mm ; 1.77 inches/45 mm

L 5.9 inches/150 mm ; 2.16 inches/55 mm

XL 7.08 inchtes/180 mm ; 2.55 inches/65 mm


S 0.17 lbs/80 gr

M 0.35 lbs/160 gr

L 0.62 lbs/280 gr

XL 1.05 lbs/480 gr