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Faux/Vegan Leather BDSM Restraints Set

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Restraints Set - Vegan Leather BDSM Bondage set

This is a premium quality  Faux Leather set. Resistant and strong. Consists of Wrist and Ankle cuffs and a matching beautifully crafted Deluxe Collar. Made from quality faux leather, double stitched and with top grade hardware, these restraints are made to last! 

Vegan Friendly! Vegan Leather BDSM Bondage set!

Includes: Pair of Handcuffs, Ankle cuffs, chains, Collar, leash. 

Collar about 54cm, width 5.7cm / Adjustable range of 33-48cm

Handcuffs about 36.5cm, Width of 5.7cm / Adjustable range 18-30cm 


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You have just finished with your bath and are slipping on the new cuffs and collar your Master has provided you.  As you secure the collar around your neck, you admire the softness of the material and padding provided between the layer of rich red faux leather on the interior and the smooth black exterior.  You then sit on the edge of the tub and secure your ankle cuffs on, linking them together with the gold chain. You then straighten and do the same with your wrists. You stand up and admire yourself in the mirror.  The red and black cuffs stand out in contrast to your milky skin and the gold chains and accents play off of your auburn hair. You hear your Master enter the room and turn to him, keeping your eyes downcast and acknowledging your submission to him.  He clips a gold leash onto you collar, your nipples start to harden and your pussy tingles in anticipation as he leads his sex kitten into the master bedroom where unknown pleasures await you…..