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Prismatic - HTV4 Steel Serie

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Prismatic - HTV4 Steel Serie - ALL HTV4 Sizes

Are you ready to show off the Rainbow colors to your Master?

In order to be the fanciest sub out of them all, It is time to get a Prismatic Holy Trainer V4. This version like all other HTV4 Steel versions has significant weight to it, which will remind you who you belong and obey. Prismatic HTV4 comes in multiple cage and ring sizes which guarantees that you will find the perfect fit for long-term wear.

This item is Rainbow Gold Plated by Vacuum metalizing. Vacuum metalizing involves heating the coating metal to its boiling point in a vacuum chamber, then letting condensation deposit the metal on the substrate's surface. It is a non-pollution and Body Safe technique for Steel coating. Made out of Stainless Steel 316 Body-Safe & Medical grade.

Get sizes recommendations by our anonymous AI or follow the How to measure guide further down.

Rainbow HTV4


Ideally, you want a cage that is just long enough to allow the tip of your penis to come to rest at the end of the cage.

Take a ruler and place it on the underside of your flaccid penis, measuring from tip to base. Do not press the ruler into your scrotum, as this will give you an incorrect measurement. Just allow the ruler to make contact with the skin there. You should be completely flaccid when taking this measurement, but not the “retracted inside the body because it’s cold or scared” type of flaccid. For accurate results, take this measurement several times throughout the day, to find your most common length. When you have found your measurement, deduct a ¼ to a ½ inch off the final results and this will be your ideal length for a cage.

Material:Stainless Steel 316L

The whole set contains:

1. 1 ring size of your choice
2. 1 Cage tube to choose from
3. 1 Magic Locker (high quality) with 2 keys

Please note this is not the original Holy Trainer.


Size to choose from:
5 different Rings: 36mm/40mm/45mm/50mm/55mm

Between 34mm (1.3") and 35mm (1.4")

Full Length
The Nub: : 60 mm(2.36 inch)
Nano: 80 mm (3.14 inch)
Small: 85 mm (3.34 inch)
Standard: 95 mm (3.74 inch)
Maxi: 105 mm (4.13 inch)

Inside the Tube Length
The Nub: 25 mm (0.98 inch)
Nano: 35 mm (1.37 inch)
Small: 40 mm (1.77 inch)
Standard: 50 mm (1.97 inch)
Maxi: 60 mm (2.40 inch)

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