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Qiui Bundle - Cellmate 2 CAG.INK, Thunderbolt Electro Anal Plug & Little Devil

By default, you are getting S size of cellmate 2 CAG.INK. If you wish to order a different size , please contact us by email immediately after placing order. 

All three items are developed by Qiui and controlled by the same app on your smartphone. Now is the perfect chance to own them all for a fraction of the cost of buying them separately!

At the front put a chastity device, insert the butt plug at the back, put a shock collar around the neck, and then sync up with the QIUI app in order to give the Master total control, from anywhere in the world, until you are set free!

Submission just got more fun and serious at the same time. 

Experience the cutting-edge of intimate technology with the Qiui Bundle, a comprehensive set of smart, app-controlled devices designed for adventurous individuals. This exclusive bundle includes the Cellmate 2 chastity device, the electrifying Thunderbolt Electro Anal Plug, and the mischievously stimulating Little Devil, all seamlessly integrated with the QIUI app for unparalleled control and excitement.

Key Features:

  • App-Controlled: All devices are controlled through the intuitive QIUI app, allowing for remote play and control from anywhere in the world.
  • Synchronized Play: Sync all devices together for a comprehensive experience that puts the 'Master' in total control.
  • High-Quality Materials: Each device is crafted from body-safe materials, ensuring both comfort and safety during use.
  • Discreet and Secure: Designed for discretion and security, these devices maintain a low profile while ensuring complete control.
  • Easy to Clean: All components are easy to clean, ensuring hygiene is maintained.

Perfect For:

  • Long-Distance Couples looking to maintain a connection.
  • BDSM enthusiasts seeking advanced, integrated play.
  • Individuals exploring the edge of pleasure and control.

Experience the Future of Intimate Play: The Qiui Bundle is more than just a set of devices; it's a gateway to a world of exploration, control, and heightened pleasure. Whether you're in the same room or continents apart, these devices bring a new level of excitement and connection to your play. Order now and step into a world where control is just an app away!

What's included in the QIUI bundle: 

Thunderbolt Electro Anal Plug 

Elevate your pleasure with this electrifying anal plug. Designed for thrilling stimulation, it's perfect for those looking to add a spark to their play.

Maximum diameter of 1.42"/36mm, Minimum diameter of 0.59"/15mm Length of 3.70"/94mm
Insertable length of 2.60"/66mm.




Thunderbolt Electro Anal Plug (App controlled) - by QIUI


A revolutionary chastity device that's sleek, comfortable, and secure. Made for long-term wear, it's controlled remotely via the QIUI app.

Total Length: 4.3 inch/110 mm  Insertable length: 2.55 inch/65mm  Total width: 1.37 inch/35 mm

Cellmate 2nd Generation CAG.INK - by QIUI



Attach the collar to the sub and let the fun begin! It gives electric shocks depending on the function selected.  

Choose one of three available mods and take over the control. Test your sub with "On all Fours", "Stand Still" or  "Custom" mode.


Little devil - App controlled Electric shock Collar - By Qiui

Download QIUI app for IOS or Android


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